On July 1st  the town of Cambridge, New York retired their school's nickname of, the Indians, or did they? Officially, yes the name has been retired but there is talk of keeping it or modifying the name. The issue is whether the nickname is offensive or something to be proud of.

The debate in Cambridge will continue through the summer months with hope of compromise when all is said and done. According to NBC 13, there is a Native American school board member who supports the Indian nickname and is hoping to have the vote rescinded.

I don't think the current logo is offensive at all, In fact, my grandfather is the one who chose the logo 20 years ago. He was an Oneida war chief who basically lived the life of an American Indian through the thick and through the thin. - Dillon Honyoust

The struggle to do what is right when it comes to team nicknames is nothing new. The case has been made with professional sports teams as well as local town mascots around the country and in the Capital Region.

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