Athletes at SUNY are looking forward to having sports reconvene next month. Spring sports have been given the green light to start back up next month for the State University of New York schools, and the student-athletes are undoubtedly ready to return.

A contingency plan has been put into place to allow athletes as part of SUNYAC conference to resume sports next month with COVID-19 protocols in place.

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Jim Malatras, Chancellor of the State University of New York, asked the league to develop plans for spring sports and last night final details were revealed to resume sports. The plans will show sports in a whole different light this year.

Athletes will not be allowed to shake hands or have any celebrations before the games or after.
There will be no eating at all before, during, or after games
Athletes must wear masks, including while on buses traveling to and from games. The only time athletes can be mask-free is during their time of competitive activity.

The conference will be split into East/West regions with limited overnight stays. Bus capacity has been reduced to 50%. Athletes must be tested at least once a week and testing must be within three days of traveling.
There will be no spectators allowed at any events.

A rise in COVID-19 cases will certainly cause a change in these plans. None of us really know how this will play out, but if it plays out like fall and winter sports have played out throughout the nation, there’s a real possibility that the students can get through this season.

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