There is a local chapter of the "Proud Boys" which has raised several eyebrows for hate speech and other issues.

The Proud Boys are a nationwide fraternal organization that task its members with physically defending “the Western way of life”.

People have complained that the group's views are misogynistic, homophobic, racist, and intolerant of opposing others views.

They endorse what is referred to as “radical traditionalism,” an ideology based in subjugating women and returning men to bread winner status. In support of this chauvinism they support anything perceived to counter feminism, including fat shaming and rape denialism.

Here is how the group came to form in the Capital District.

The local Albany Proud Boy chapter’s activities have appeared to pick up recently, with the group travelling to demonstrations around the country including New York City in May and June and Washington DC last week. These events included an islamophobic rally in NYC hosted by ACT and a so-called “anti-political violence” rally in DC. Another affiliated account has more overtly racist content, such as a post with white laced boots— symbolism that identifies a skinhead as being supportive of “…’white power,’ as opposed to a non-racist (‘traditional’) or anti-racist skin.”

While the group hasn't done anything illegal, the group members were called out and links were given to various social media profiles.

Most of the group members work at a downtown tattoo parlor and the complaints have been rolling into their employers. Who quickly sent out a memo denying any association with the group's views, but also defending the employees first amendment rights.

The community should keep an eye on these suspected white supremacist. This group could spiral into terroristic activities at any moment and we should all be concerned with hate groups like this attempting to rationalize and disguise hate. It seems like the proud boys have absolutely nothing to be proud of.

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