50 Cent is offering up his help to New York Knicks player Cleanthony Early. Early was shot in the leg and robbed by a group of six men on Wednesday (Dec. 30) morning. 50 Cent wants to help return Early's stolen goods to the Knicks player.

"They hungry out here man," 50 Cent wrote on Instagram. "You in the league, you made it, you gotta chill. He only 24, he gonna want to party. I'm a see if I can get his stuff back. Today!"

According to the Wall Street Journal, Cleanthony Early and his girlfriend left the CityScapes Gentleman’s Club in an Uber car when six men forced the vehicle to pull over around 4:15 a.m. The vehicle was reportedly boxed in when two men wearing black mask pulled Early from the back seat. Both men had semiautomatic guns.

Early was robbed of two gold chains, gold tooth caps, a cell phone and cash before one of the men shot Early in his right knee. Early was taken to Elmhurst Hospital and released later that morning. Early's girlfriend and the Uber driver were unharmed, although the driver was robbed of his identification.

A spokesman for the New York Knicks made a statement on the incident.

"We are aware of what occurred with Cleanthony Early this morning and are relieved that he is not in a life-threatening situation,” a Knicks spokesman said in a statement. “We will not comment any further until we receive more information.”

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