So this past weekend I got a chance to chop it up it with one of social medias best and biggest star, FatboySSE. First off don't be intimidated by the big fella because he is far from that. Super cool, down to earth and a great person to vibe and kick it with. Shout to his whole team as well Fatboy Gang they definitely showed love. 

If you have no idea who Fatboysse is well let me put you on:

1) He is from Jersey and before his fame he worked at Chipotle and did a couple outside things.

2) He is not just a comedian/ artist he is an entertainer

3) He almost lost his life a couple weeks ago in a car accident with his little brother. He fell asleep and his car went over a cliff , luckily it hit a little landing before completely going over.. He was not drinking or on drugs it was simply exhaustion.

4) He will be on a TV screen very soon as he has his own show coming to REVOLT some time soon.

5) He will be dropping more music throughout the year. He has some tracks with Lil Yatchy and more. Also he will continue to put out more comedy on social media.

don q pic


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