Men might have some problems with the dating life, but it isn’t any easier for women, mainly because some of them have to date men.

A recent survey may have asked men the perils of their dating world, but we hope someone out there is doing one for women or maybe they have, but failed to finish it because trying to tabulate so many complaints drove them into an insane asylum. Rather than focus on the bigger picture, here are some of the smaller problems some women have when it comes to finding Mr. Right.

1. Some men call hitting on other women while on a date “multitasking.”

2. When you tell a guy “It’s not you, it’s me,” they agree.

3. They insist on picking you up by driving straight from work on their riding lawnmower.

4. You try to tell one story about your day that takes more than an hour and the guy has a seizure just from trying to pay attention.

5. Every time guys go out on a date, they always insist on paying…for sex.

6. No matter how many times you remind them where your eyes are, guys usually have a more stimulating and thought-provoking conversation with your boobs than with you.

7. That heartbreaking moment you realize they have wives.

8. They insist that agreeing to the 10th date earns them a set of steak knives.

9. The thin hope that won’t die that makes guys continue to ask the “threesome” question.

10. They insist they are paying attention and not watching the game, even though the date is AT the game.

11. When they call you the prettiest, most exotic, heavenly woman they’ve ever seen and you realize they are watching one of those Orbit gum commercials with that blonde British tart.

12. Guys can never remember birthdays, anniversaries or safe words.

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