It's Wednesday, and yes thanks to the very funny Geico camel, we know it is hump day! But, there has to be some story floating around out there that we could care less about it aka Wednesday's Whoopity Doo right?? And the winner is...............

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Yup, you guessed it! The one, the only, Lindsay Lohan! She's out of rehab, AGAIN!! I may not speak for everyone and don't intend to BUT, I think we have all become pretty numb to her trials and tribulations.

It's a shame that such a talented, once beautiful, young lady turned into this hot mess over the years. But many of us just don't give a F anymore! Sorry Ms. Lohan.

I will say that I would love to see her stay clean and get her life on the right path, but, I aint got time for that! Nor to worry about it! And neither do you! We need to worry about our own day to days here in the Capital Region!

LL, sorry lady, your story has been crowned today's Wednesday Whoopity Doo!

Now this should be a reminder to all of yall to stay school and don't do drugs! Just sayin....