Chris Brown always seems to get himself into trouble. We didn't think bad boy Chris would be involved in much scandal after the Rihanna drama but, boy, were we wrong!

From the NYC nightclub brawl with Drake, the hit & run where he was driving without a license, his feud with his Hollywood neighbors over his graffiti retainer wall surrounding his property, his studio fight with r&b singer Frank Ocean, the accusation he assaulted a woman in a nightclub & this latest accusation of assault, Breezy has been quite busy. Whew! (Just listing that wrap sheet tired me out!)

Chris Brown may have released his latest album "X" a few months ago, but he just can't "x" himself out of trouble. Drama seems to follow him everywhere he goes, or rather, he brings it on himself with his sometimes reckless lifestyle.

Just two weeks after entering rehab for his anger issues stemming from the latest case where he is accused of breaking the nose of a man over a fan photo, Chris Brown is to continue with his anger management therapy on an outpatient basis.

Breezy is still chipping away at his 1000 hours of community service from the incident with Rihanna back in 2009 & is still on probation for that assault case. If convicted of this latest alleged felony assault Chris could face up to four years behind bars! He is due back in court next Wednesday where the judge will determine if he violated his plea deal & probation.

Its clear homeboy has a problem with anger management & breaking the law. Get it together Breezy!