The annual Macy's Day parade takes place every year in Manhattan on Thanksgiving day. It's a favorite to watch on TV or if you have had the pleasure of being there then I'm sure it was an epic event to attend.

From the bands to the dancers to the performances to the amazing balloon float, the annual parade is a must-watch. The balloon float is always a favorite and it is also one to watch  out for when the weather is bad. This year there is some concern that the balloons might not make it in the parade due to the weather. According to the NY Post high gusts of winds could halt the epic balloon show. There are normally between 20-30 balloons that float In the parade and each balloon has to float at a certain height and certain wind speeds, so if the winds are extreme then it is best safety to not have the balloons in the parade.

According to reports the last time Macy's grounded the balloons was in 1971 due to extreme wind conditions and in 1998 new regulations was put into place when The Cat in The Hat balloon float injured some parade watchers. Hopefully mother nature is good to us on Thanksgiving and allows the parade to go in full. If the balloons are not allowed due to weather conditions the parade itself will still go on. For more on the parade visit here.

Sonic The Hedgehog - Thanksgiving Day Parade

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