If you haven't heard ladies there's a new tampon tax that can have you putting more moolah in the bank.


This so great especially  if your a woman living in New York state.Thanks  to Governor Cuomo it has just become the 11th state to repeal the tax on menstrual products.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The new law, which goes into effect on September 1, 2016, includes panty liners and newer products such as period underwear.

New York has had a tax on menstrual products since 1965,when the law was first implemented.Of the 10 other states that don’t tax menstrual products, five have no sales tax in the first place (Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon) and five exempt menstrual products (Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey and Pennsylvania).

Why is this such a great thing? Because it's a natural body function that we shouldn't be taxed for and it will save the menstruating woman a massive 10 million dollars a year!

You can thank Linda Rosenthal and Senator Sue Serino as well since they introduced the bill last year. Senator Sue Serino said, “With the signing of this bill today, we are taking a monumental step forward in reforming our out-of-touch tax laws and we are sending a strong message to New York’s women that they are being heard.So when can you see all the savings?Well, you'll have to wait for the next sales tax quarter.

I guess that means extra money saved towards summer vacations and shoes.And that my dear friends is awesome!

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