Valentine's day is right around the corner and the Cap Region has a threat of snow that may put a damper on romance! Which makes me think back to that giant storm we had back 7 years ago that ruined lots of V Day plans for all, remember that wicked winter white out?

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Let us hope this doesn't happen again. So far I am reading that we may get around 7 inches, Thursday going into Friday. So chances are for us positive thinkers that the roads could be cleared by V Day evening for all the lovers out there! I will hope and pray for all of you lovebirds and also for all of the restaurants and businesses that look forward to this holiday every year! I may not have a honey, but I still support the love in the air!

In 2007, we got dumped on with like 2 feet of snow on Valentine's Day. I will never forget it! And I felt terrible as almost every business and restaurant had to close on this doomful day, which hurt these businesses big time! It also hurt those who wait tables and bartend big time!!

So let us hope that we are not about to relive the V Day blizzard of 2007, we simply just don't need anymore snow do we? I get it, yes, I have lived here my whole life, BUT, I am just OVER seeing this white stuff ruin people's plans. And besides, aint nothing wrong with a little romance right? Happy early Valentine's to all y'all out there, I hope you get to enjoy this mushy holiday to it's fullest with your honey!


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