Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, instead of packing them off this weekend, you can come up with creative ways to celebrate without breaking the bank.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day can be challenging in the midst of a raging pandemic, but there are ways that you can let your significant other know that you love them in nontraditional ways.

In previous years finding ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day didn’t really require a lot of creativity. That’s not the case this year, but you can still get the job done without resorting to shopping in the mall, going to the movies, or dining out.

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Spending quality time with the one you love will always be a winner. Instead of going out in the hustle and bustle of a restaurant, consider making dinner together with your favorite meals. Try pairing your favorite dinner with your favorite cocktails that you can make at home.

There’s no better time to enjoy romantic movies with your loved one than on Valentine’s Day. Find your favorite movies and watch them in the comfort of your home.

Some couples enjoy expressing themselves in writing. If you’re good at writing, consider expressing your feelings with a romantic letter or poem instead of shopping for a Valentine’s Day card.

We’ve had a lot of snow here in Albany, so this weekend may be a great time to get outside and enjoy a scenic walk with your partner.

If none of these options seems good to you, consider creating a staycation with the one you love. If you’ve got to get out of the house consider staying at a nearby hotel and treat yourself to room service.

These are just a few suggestions on things that you can do to make Valentine’s Day enjoyable without risky behavior. Whatever you decide to do, stay safe and make sure you let your significant other know how you feel about them.

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