Winter Hacks Using Household Items
Like it or not, winter has come early. With the first snowfall upon us, here are a few winter hacks that you can do with household items to make your car ready for the cold and snow.
Valentine’s Day Storm 2014?
Valentine's day is right around the corner and the Cap Region has a threat of snow that may put a damper on romance! Which makes me think back to that giant storm we had back 7 years ago that ruined lots of V Day plans for all, remember that wicked winter white out?
Snowstorm Photos from Around the Albany NY + Capital Region Area
Everyone has a ton of snow storm photos in the Albany NY area. We always gets more than our fair share of snow storms (most winters), and we can never see enough great photos of snow. If you ski or board, it's heaven for you - or if you have children in your life, it's a great joy to watch…