Like it or not, winter has come early. With the first snowfall upon us, here are a few winter hacks that you can do with household items to make your car ready for the cold and snow. Some of these you may have heard of and this will be a good reminder with the nasty weather we are having. These winter tricks may be new to you and in that case, they have been proven to work.

According to News 10 ABC, items like cooking spray, kitty litter and even shaving cream can make your life and your commute a lot easier this winter.

  • If your window won't defrost, use shaving cream to coat the inside of your windshield then wipe it down. The shaving cream has the same ingredient as defoggers.
  • Grab an old rug and place it over your windshield before a storm. After the snow has fallen, remove the rug and the snow comes with it.
  • Cooking spray can be used for a variety of things during snow storms and colder weather. You can use it to keep your car doors from freezing by spraying it in the corners of your doors. You can also coat your shovel with cooking spray so that the snow glides right off.
  • As crazy as this sounds, you should always carry kitty litter in your vehicle. It is useful to give you good traction in case you get stuck in a snow bank or ditch.
  • If you find yourself without a scraper, you can always use a credit card to scrape your window.

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