The National Weather Service has issued a storm warning that includes but is not limited to a Tornado Watch until 8pm tonight.

Looks like a storm is brewing around the Capital Region. We got a little taste of what's to come earlier today when it just started to pour out. The National Weather Service is anticipating the weather to get more sever here with a quickness. The alert is anticipating :

A moderate risk for damaging winds and large hail (>1" in diameter) and the Storm Prediction has issued a tornado watch for parts of CT, MA, NY, PA, VT until 8 PM EDT today.

While strong winds, hail, and tornado's are certainly no joke and nothing to look forward to storms such as this are a sure sign that spring has finally arrived. So there's that.

If you can do so now might be a good time to pull the cars and patio furniture in and take cover. Stay safe out there.

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