I live in Mechanicville and I drive back roads and farm roads to get to work. Each morning, before dawn I see at least four or five deer in the fields as I pass through. Some of them are closer to the road than others. But I wanted to tell these beautiful animals that my lights are not enticing and not to jump out at my car.

I understand that people hunt and I respect that. I am not a hunter and I would hate to see these deer come out onto the road in front of me. First off, I wouldn't be able to carry on with my day if I hit one of them. Not just because they would probably total my car, but the thought of me injuring an animal would be devastating.

So I ask, oh beautiful deer on Johnson and Tabor roads in Halfmoon, please wander out in the fields a little bit later in the morning. I am usually traveling around 4:15 am. I see your eyes reflect in my headlights and it seems like you are getting closer to the roads I travel. If you see my little white HRV, raise a hoof and wave. I promise I will do my best to avoid you and your kids. I do always slow down to make sure you don't get any funny ideas of trying to beat my car across the road. But I beg you to stay and graze in the farms that are far from the deadly road I travel. This way you can live your beautiful life and I can get to work without having to feel like I hurt Bambi or Bambi's mom.

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