Uber and Lyft car services are finally making their way to the Capital Region!

German Court Bans Uber Service Nationwide
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In a recent blog posted a little over a week ago, it talked about Uber and Lyft denying applicants based off of past criminal convictions in Boston, and touched on the fact that such car riding services haven't even made their way to the Capital Region yet. Well, it looks like I may have spoken to soon. In less than 90 days, Uber and Lyft services will be making their way to upstate New York.

To ensure that the 90 day deadline can be bet, the DMV will have only 30 days to draft regulations for ridesharing services to operate in the state of New York. Operations are expected to begin at the beginning of July and the two car services are currently accepting applications for all interested drives.

Some of the state requirements include:

1. Must have a Valid Driver's License

2. Must own or lease a car, and have insurance coverage

3. Must pass a background check

4. Must be at least 21 years-old

All drivers interested in applying can do so on the following Uber and Lyft websites:


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