Two Upstate New York casinos are struggling.  As a result, they’re going to be cutting back on slot machines.

I’m not a gambler unless it’s the slot machines, so this caught my eye (just like the lights and sounds of slot machines do).  According to, Resorts World Catskills and Tioga Downs are going to be cutting back on sir machines.  As a result of casino underperformance, the two locations got permission from the state for these cuts, as there are a minimum number of slot machines that are supposed to be on the floor.  Resorts World Catskills is cutting down on their machines 26 percent, while Tioga Downs is cutting down 5.3 percent.

The cut in slots is to make way for other profitable things like sports betting.  Of course, the goal overall is financial stability.  You can get more info on all the details at  As for me, I’ll still stick to the slots when I hit the casino.


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