I had to hit up Rite Aid to get some odds and ends yesterday, and I can’t believe what I saw before my very own eyes!!

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Besides Back 2 School supplies all over the darn place, which always make me happy and reminisce. …oh how I miss the days of picking out my new backpack, Trapper Keeper and Lisa Frank Folders…..

 Woops, sorry, dork moment! Let me get back on track….I saw Halloween decorations and candy out on the shelves already! Now I don't know about you, but this makes me happy as I love the feeling, colors, and just everything there is about Fall, don't you?? But wow, are we rushing things or are we???

Seeing big old bags of Snickers, M&Ms, and Tootsie Rolls is just a giant tease  and challenge to many I am sure! The sad thing is people across the land will be buying these bags o candy in hopes of hanging on to them until Halloween, and I guarantee you 50% of those purchasers will be sneaking one left and right…until they have to go purchase some more and also get back on the treadmill.

Can you handle knowing there is a giant bag of Kit Kats in your pantry? I know my dad never could! And still can’t ! We always had to re-up the Snickers at least 2 times before it was trick or treat time. Ok, ok, back in the day when mom stocked up on such goodness, her and I snuck a few here and there too. Can’t just let dad take ALL of the heat, only most. J

 It’s alllllll good though right??? Many of us love  - love  - love the Fall and all that it stands for…The problem for me is I am impatient & seeing all of this only makes me more and more excited to go apple picking, sit around bonfires, smell the fresh, crisp fall air, live in my hoodies and open my door to the lil Trick O Treaters of the Capital Region!!

 And to all yall out there, good luck practicing self-discipline if you have already picked up a couple bags of that Halloween tastiness!

Let us raise our glasses, or candy bars, and make a toast and say welcome to the soon to be Fall 2013!

Hey , is that a Baby Ruth wrapper on your desk? SNAGGED!!