I can’t tell you how many stinkin flat tires I have had in my life, but I can tell you it’s been way too dam many!! BUT, luckily, when I get a flat tire, a friend always seems to come along and help this damsel in distress!

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I should be sleeping right now, it’s super late, 6:30 comes early, but getting a flat tire tonight got me to thinking…..

I’m a pretty loud chick,  have a potty mouth, and like to hang with the boys BUT I do have some girly qualities ok?! I am boy crazy, I love the color purple, flowers, jewelry and puppies. 


My foes?? I HATE bugs, I scream and I squirm when I see them.  I hate tuna melt sandwiches, barf!! AND, I tear up very easily whether it is a harmonious event like a wedding or one of those dam Sarah what’s her name save the animal commercials…..girly things if you ask me! Oh ya, McLaughlin.

But, after all of the flat tires that I have had in my hmmm 30+ years, I still have no idea how to change a flat tire and throw a dorky looking donut spare on my vehicle, so, when I discovered that my tire was leaking big time tonight , I opted to call my good ol friend who has moved me in and out of apartments probably at least 5 times and has changed my tire in the past and saved me from dating loser men, or at least tried lol – Thanks Lee! Cheers to 15+ years of friendship.

Anyhow, my fellow radio dj gal, Sarah told me to "stop being a weenie and get out there "and change the tire on FB tonight, and she’s probably right , one day I will learn…maybe, but it’s what makes me …me! A real pain in the ass, my friends know but they still love me.  And my helpless ways remind me who my  friends, true friends are and who will really help me when I am stranded, helpless and hopeless, even though I could have called triple A, woops!! Love ya Lee!


 Good night all!