I’m writing this, literally, about 15 minutes after I told myself I wouldn’t write anything else about Kendrick Lamar today. The exception to this piece is it’s more about the woman in the video than it is about Kendrick.

Not too long ago there was a video that went viral of a sign language interpreter doin’ the damn thing at a Wu-Tang concert. This chick take going HAM to the next level, though!

The video showcases the pink-tipped hand-speaker signing out Kendrick’s verse on A$AP Rocky’s F---in’ Problems at Lollapalooza. I don’t know what’s going on on-stage but I really don’t care. I can almost guarantee that this chick is more entertaining than half of the artists who were performing that day. You don’t need to know sign language to appreciate this.

Out of the whole video, my personal favorite moment was when she signed the line, “Girl… I know you want this d---.” Get em, girl!