21 Fun Ways To Open A Beer Bottle [VIDEO]
So I am getting excited about our upcoming event Electric City On Tap this Saturday at the Schenectady Armory, but more about that in a minute. First I have to share this cool video I found with 21 different hacks you can use to open a beer bottle when you don't have an opener nearby.
Wu Tang Clan
This is amazing and truly shows what people who have a lot of time on their hands can do.
The Best Music Video I Have Seen In A While [VIDEO]
I just watched this video for Devin The Dude's I'm Getting Blown and this is one of the most creative videos I have seen in a while. The whole concept it Devin The Dude just flying over the city but it was shot in a different way.
After watching the video I had to figure out how in the worl…
Beyonce' Didn't Show
This 17-year-old kid who was so sad that Beyoncé didn’t show up after his surgery. I don't know why he thought she would be there in the first place but he was pretty upset.
He woke up and she wasn’t there! Why? Why weren’t you there, Beyonc…
2 Chainz Reads YouTube Comments On 'Feds Watching' Video
You have to have a good sense of humor to call yourself “Tity Boi” and take yourself seriously as a rapper. The artist, now known as 2 Chainz, showcased his comical side in a video where he responds to comments posted on the video for his single, Feds Watching.
Louisville Sportscaster Drops Rap Lyrics During Segment [VIDEO]
Adam Lefkoe has a brighter future as a sportscaster than a rapper but you can’t deny the dude is a true hip hop fan. The weekend sports reporter for WHAS, news channel 11 in Louisville, Ky., got all funky fresh during his segment. Lefkoe swagged out his 5-minute seg by squeezing in a…
Wild Police Video
Dammmmnnnn, Officer!! In the words of French Montana, this boy in blue ain’t worried ‘bout nothin! Not even a skateboarder.
Derrick Estell has nuts the size of beach balls. The Arkansas inmate escaped from Garland County Jail in Arkansas early Sunday morning. It was all captured on video.
Songs My Parents Were Listening To When I Was Conceived
It doesn’t take a math genius to estimate the date you were conceived (subtract 9 months, dummy). This website adds a whole new level of creep-factor, though. A lot of people know what song was on when they lost their virginity, but what song was on when your parents were making you?…
Flo Rida’s Manager Got BOOTED From Monday’s HEAT Game [VIDEO]
Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals got HEATED. See what I did there? I digress. Plenty of high profiled celebs were in attendance to see the Miami Heat advance to the NBA Finals on Monday night. The Biebs was there (go get em’ Keyshawn), David Beckham and Flo Rida as well.
Hot 9
The Memorial Day weekend weather was pretty dreadful. Luckily, it looks like the cold temperatures are in our rear-view with highs expected to reach 90 degrees before the weekend. We’ll get you ready for the season with HOT 9 Summer Song lists leading up to the official first day of summer, June 21s…
Wale Confronts NBA Commentators At Wizards Game [VIDEO]
Lil Wayne isn’t the only one with NBA-related beef. Add MMG rapper, Wale to the list. While at a Washington Wizards game, he was talking trash to Toronto Raptors player, Rudy Gay. During the broadcast, you can see Rudy firing back at the DC native after draining a three point bucket.…
South Carolina Man Punches His Public Defender [VIDEO]
A South Carolina man named Lamarcus Williamson decked his public defender in the grill after being sentenced to 15 years behind bars. I’m not quite sure why he took out his frustrations on the lawyer, Williamson is the one who plead guilty to the charges of robbery, assault (shocker)…
Fan Ejected From Cubs Game For Sexual Gestures
I've been told Wrigley Field in Chicago is more of a bar than a sports venue.  The Cubs play there... would you expect anything less?  The only way to cope with your team affiliation is to drown your sorrows, or become a White Sox fan.  One fan (who we assume was drunk, given the…