Twitter has transformed from a little kids toy into an extremely important and fun social networking tool.  Much like facebook, twitter's appeal has grown to a mass appeal site/smart phone app that people of all ages are using.  So what are the top twitter feeds to follow?

According to the website WeFollow the most influential twitters are:

WNYT provides great news covereage both on-air, online, AND on twitter.  They keep their tweets short, sweet and always informative.  In addition, who doesn't love Benita Zahn?  Aside from her broadcasting skills, she has the coolest name of all Capital Region news anchors for sure.

CBS is another great source for news in the Cap Region.  The veteran news team of Liz Bishop, Jerry Gretzinger and others are always on top of their game!  Their tweets are filled with great info, however, they aren't tweeting as often as some of their competitors.

UAlbany does a great job of keeping all 18,000 students informed of school-related events, important dates, etc.  They will also provide the latest Great Danes info to followers.  The interaction between the school and it's students is truly impressive!  They really seem to get this whole "social networking" thing!  Props!

I also suggest you follow the HOT 99.1 twitter!

Who are some of your favorite local twitter feeds?  Should we follow you?  Comment below!