First, let me begin by saying as a former educator, I LOVE BOOKS!


My two sons get a book each night and they both have come to love reading.Now this blog  is not to alienate those mothers that have daughters, but so much nowadays is catered to young girls. And I sometimes find it hard, when purchasing books, to really find some that cater to young boys- especially that young Black and Hispanic boys can relate to. But, here's a few you might find your son(s) loving!

Too Many Tamales- Gary SotoWho'sKnees Are These- Jabari

AsimSeperate Is Never Equal- Sylvia Mendes

Pio Peep- Alice Schertle

You Can Do It- Amy June Bates

Salt In His Shoes: Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dream- Kadir Nelson

A Dream- Kadir Nelson

The Circuit- Fransico Jimenez

Bud Not Buddy- Christopher Paul Curtis

Those Shoes- Maribeth Boelts

Hopefully these titles will ignite your little one's imagination and inspiration! Follow me @radiogodess for all things HOT!

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