There is some devastating news coming out of Rockland County, New York. A one-year-old child is dead after being left at home with a six-year-old child.

According to the New York Post, on Saturday morning around 8:40 p.m. officers with the Spring Valley Police Department received a very disturbing call for help in an apartment on Kennedy Drive. They were notified that a one-year-old child was trapped between a bed and a wall.

When officers arrived at the location, they found the baby lodged between a bed and a wall. Additional emergency equipment was necessary, and the Spring Valley Fire Department was called to assist in extricating the child.

The one-year-old baby was transported to the Nyack Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Officers with the Spring Valley Police Department investigated the incident and were informed that a six-year-old child was allegedly responsible for caring for the one-year-old baby without adult supervision.

They were informed that the children’s mother, 36-year old Marie Dorleus, had allegedly left the children at home alone.

Ms. Dorleus is being held responsible for the child’s death because she allegedly left a six-year-old child to care for a one-year-old baby. She was charged with one count of Manslaughter which is a felony offense.

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This incident is absolutely tragic. We do not know why the mother chose to leave the children home alone, but it was obviously a poor decision. She will probably feel guilty for leaving her children home, without supervision, without adult supervision.

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