Another Hot Topic this time a remarried mother who has moved on to a new relationship has a question about her new husband disciplining her child.

"Dear Supreme:

I met my now-husband when my son was only 4 months old. My son's father is gone away to prison for the next 25 years he will not see his son until he is way grown. My husband has stepped in and become the only father figure my son knows. He calls him Dad, even though we have told my son the truth about his real father.

My son is now 5 years old. The reason for my letter today is I came home from work the other day and my son was upset because he got in trouble, he said a cuss word during virtual learning. He was crying and very upset. My husband is working from home and was aware of what happened when virtual school was over my husband spanked his butt.

This is the first time my son has ever been spanked and it pissed me off. This led to a huge argument I appreciate everything my husband has done for us but because my son isn't actually his it makes the rules a little different. I felt my husband should have come to me first, then allowed me to issue whatever discipline should be given.

Because for one I don't believe in spankings, and two he has to recognize that my son is his step-son, so that old school King of the castle rule doesn't apply. Am I wrong? How should this have been handled?"

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I think this should’ve been discussed before you two got married. You are wrong in my opinion. That sounds extremely unfair and one-sided that he has taken on the responsibility of raising another man’s child. You make this an issue is telling him he can only do a hands-off job. Do you respect your husband as a decision-maker? It seems like he has your son’s best interest in mind. Your son shouldn’t be cursing at all at 5 years old. It's a reflection of you two as parents.

I think it will be extremely difficult for a man to truly embrace your son as his own if he has to come to you for every decision that he would make as a father. Would he have to come to you if the child was biologically his? That sounds like a terrible deal for anyone who involves themselves in a relationship with you.

What do you think should she have confronted her husband about spanking is stepson without her permission? Check in this afternoon as we discuss this "Hot Topic" 518-370-9910 or comment within the Hot 991 App leave a voice or text message and we will discuss this afternoon during The Supreme Experience 3p - 7p on Hot 991.

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