This is a real thing fellas....

Yes a Suitsy is  basically a onesie for anyone who wants to get dressed fast but still look amazing!

Janelle Monae
Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

The Suitsy, which goes for $378, received national attention two weeks ago when its creator, Jesse Herzog, wore it on ABC’s “To Tell The Truth,” with host Anthony Anderson as well as on Good Morning America.

The Suitsy features a button-down shirt, suit pants and jacket — all sewn together for your convenience. All a guy’s gotta do is step in and zip up.

The creator claims you can do anything in this suit including get a date!

Made from cotton and spandex material and ranging in sizes small to X-large.I have a feeling many college students will be interested in this one.

I'm not sure how well the Suitsy will sell but I'm sure this is perfect for the no frill guy.


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