Oh yes, it's Thursday!! Better yet, TBT: aka Throw Back Thursday! Whether you're on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or all of the above. People go crazy on Thursdays posting old photos, throwing it back to the good old days! So why not bring it back on TBT with an old school hip hop video also??

The 90's called...#TBT

We're taking it back to 1991 with Greg Nice and Smooth B, better known as Nice & Smooth. The colors were bright, the beats were banging, and hip hop was on the rise, soon to be taking over the world!!

What were you doing in 1991?? Aint no shame in my game showing my age....I was a Freshman at Mont Pleasant High. (now middle school) And I was rockin the Cross Colours gear, gold chains, Starter jackets.... teaching everyone, especially my parents, about my love for hip hop & rnb. They honestly had no choice because it was blaring out of my bedroom 24/7.

Share your memories and your photos from 1991! I would love to see all your throw backs! And enjoy Nice & Smooth, with 1 of my favs below.....HIP HOP JUNKIES!

Nice & Smooth - Hip Hop Junkies [Original-1990] [HQ] from Oldschool’ove "Germany" on Vimeo.