IG Live Kiana Lede
Kiana Lede checked in with me this afternoon. We are all in the house so it's only appropriate to check in with the hottest artist in the game.
Breakfast Club
Shannon Bream called The Breakfast Club a must-stop for 2020 presidential-hopefuls thanks to their candid, lengthy interviews that manage to get politicians to open up like never before.
DJ SHOW interviews Sean Paul
International Reggae/Dancehall superstar Sean Paul stops by Hot 99.1fm to chop it up with DJ SHOW about his new EP, Mad Love: The Prequel, him executive producing his new artist Chi-Ching's new album, Turning Tables, and how he's been able to stay on top of the game for over 20 years.
Cap District Artist Profile
1. Who Are Your Favorite Artist ?
Favorite artist of all time is R Kelly
2. When Did You Start Creating Music
I started making music when I was 9 years old , it was my way of expressing myself . How I was able to connect with people.

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