1. Who Are Your Favorite Artist ?

Favorite artist of all time is R Kelly

2. When Did You Start Creating Music

I started making music when I was 9 years old , it was my way of expressing myself . How I was able to connect with people.

3. What Is Your Goal For Your Music

My goal is to keep spreading my music til the whole world hears it , the music that I create is much bigger than what’s out now .

4. What Are Some Social Issues That You Think Are Important

Some social issues that are important I would say is our school systems , there has to be another way to secure these schools because every time there’s a school shooting it always ends up taking innocent lives that didn’t need to be taken away .

5. Where Were You Raised And How Has it Influenced Your Music ?

I was raised in Brooklyn NY , Just that constant hustle , everyone trying to make it is what influences my music . Everyone wants to be a star and it forces you to step outside of the box and be different because that’s the only way you’ll be noticed.

6. Where Do You See Yourself In The Next 5 Years

I see myself touring the world with my Grammy winning album Ha! I feel I have the ability to change the world , the music you hear me sing now is only a preview of what’s to come .

7. What Makes You Different From Other Artist In Your Genre ? (IE your

sound/ your look)

I want to say my drive is what makes me different , you can have the best look , the best sound but without being driven and hard work how can you really be great at what you do . Being driven is what kept me singing all these years .

8. Whats your favorite food and why ?

I love fried chicken , where i’m from no matter what holiday it was, for dinner it always included fried chicken .

9. What do you look for in a significant other ?

Independence, I love a woman that has her own thing going on for her . There’s nothing more sexy then a woman that don’t need you . Also you gotta be able to support my dreams like I support yours . Unity is everything.

  10. What Is The Most Important Thing About Music ?

The most important thing about music is the message that’s being told . Us artist have so much power to change the world with just our music that I don’t think we realize it . Life is influenced by what you hear , what you listen to .

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