The holiday tradition is back.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is bringing their “The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve - The Best of TSO & More”, which promises a new and larger presentation of the beloved holiday tradition.

November 29 is the day in Albany to check out this incredible show at the MVP Arena. It is a family affair to be sure.

Speaking with drummer Jeff Plate, who has been with the band since it's inception, he spoke of what keeps the show getting bigger and bigger.

When we first started, it was one box truck and a couple dozen lights and a fog Machine. Paul [O'Neil, founder and co-creator of Trans-Siberian Orchestra] came from the school of big arena rock.... Paul just insisted every year of stepping up the game and making the show bigger and better.

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Plate also spoke of being a part of many different types of people's holiday traditions.

Paul O'Neil would tell us over and over that this would outlast us all. We've become tradition for millions of people, and this is something we all realize. We do not take this lightly because we know how important this is. This centers around Paul's music, obviously and his lyrics. But the stories he that he wrote around these albums, I feel, have always been the thing that connected with people. Lo and behold, here it is 2023 and this tour just keeps on getting bigger and better every year. There is something for the show for everybody.

The full interview with TSO's Jeff Plate is below.

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