working with LeBron James, bettering himself, working with Ariana Grande and more:

Something big about to happen in his life.

He dropped this album to make people follow his journey , and he loves to see peoples roll out.

So who gets the credit for this being the best piece of work

He came in with a milk crate as a form of symbolism

Why did basketball play such a roll in this album ?

What did LeBron say when you asked him to be the A&R

He over records on purpose

Which songs did he pick specifically

Talks about death and two of his closest friends

How do you console your friend like that (him losing his child)

Why do you call it forgiving?

Feels it’s something we have to work on

Talks about holding grudges and how it can lead to bad decisions


Ariana Grande has a feature on the album. Talks about controversy around her video.

Talks single , talks about Ariana

Do you still feel guilty about selling drugs to your mom?

Talks Statue Of Limitations

Song was originally called “ex drug dealer”

Let T.I. Hear it

Talks new weed laws

Stomach problems are gone

Why didn’t they ask you to play in the celebrity all star game

Everything is okay, he can play again now

Angela leaves people to sit courtside

Why you and Jay ain’t did a record yet

Why do you feel underrated

They said LeBron missed the game because of being in studio with you.

Was there any content you were afraid to stay away from because LeBron was an A&R ?

“Me” is a reflective record

Who is 2 Chainz?

Tries to find creative ways to talk about sex

His daughter asked him what a drug dealer is

What lessons did you learn from college ball

Talks about being made up of so many things

Are you scared to go deep into the psyche of Who you are

How do you navigate the industry

You rather being underrated or unemployed

Will be a classic album

Peep the full interview below:

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