After releasing his solo album "Father of 4" Offset from Migos pulled up to The Breakfast Club!

What most people may not realize is that Offset has four children (his oldest being 9 years old.), he decided to name the album what it is so his other children could get some time. Adding on that he had a rough year in 2018 because of the rumors, amongst other issues he had very publicly with his wife Cardi B. While some people clowned the Atlanta rapper for the cover he explained that a lot went into it, especially because they were three separate shoots. Offset explains how he was trying to hold in the frustration at the shoots especially with baby Kulture because she is the most fidgety out of all them and always hungry. Being as famous as he is Offset still wants his children to be able to have a normal life saying "I want my kids to be kids, i don’t like them having instagram, i don’t want to move to LA, so there won’t be cameras in their face. one time my kid told another, “my dad has more money than yours” i had to beat them. i keep my kids in public school, I don’t want my kid to be spoiled".

On his and Cardi's decision to keep baby Kulture out of the public eye for so long he had to say "people got so much to say. we still won’t be posting all the time, you have to keep some things private. it’s scary because people be tripping", also adding on that he and Cardi didn't hire any nannies to take care of the baby, only their mothers look over Kulture.

Addressing the issues he had with Cardi, Offset admitted that he was scared he was going to loose her forever saying. "I hurt this girl like this? in front of all these people? yes!". While there has been rumors that he and Cardi were going to work on a collab album together the rapper disputed those claims saying that he wants his wife to have a very long career and he feels like it would be selfish of him to do that.

Check out Offset's full Interview on The Breakfast Club below :

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