Beware of this "DMV" email hoax floating around on the internet!

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Earlier today the Department of Motor Vehicles warned motorists in the state to be aware of the traffic ticket email scam that has been going around on the internet. The scam can potentially get a hold of your personal information and it can also expose responders to a computer virus. These phony emails claim to be coming from the DMV and they are urging New Yorkers to pay traffic violation tickets within 48 hours or risk the consequence of their license being revoked. Take precaution before clicking on the links in the emails that asks you whether you want to refute the ticket or plead guilty. These links once clicked on will direct responders to a download that can potentially be a malicious computer virus.

Pay close attention to your emails and know that the DMV will never send emails that urge motorists to pay off ticket violations within a 48 hour grace period or they will their license. If you by chance come across an email such as the one described, please either check with the DMV or delete the message permanently.  Terri Egan, the DMV Deputy Executive Commissioner, stated that “it is unfortunate that people use our agency’s name to target innocent consumers. We urge New Yorkers to always remain cautious about opening email attachments or following links even if they appear to be legitimate” (News 10).

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