Mother's Day Coupons are floating around! But be careful not to click on the wrong one!

Kate Powell Talks Mother's Day Gifts And Westfield's VIPink Card
David Buchan

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and you may be rushing to get the perfect gift for mom on Sunday. Well, whatever you do, don’t end up being a victim of Mother’s Day coupon scams! Apparently, there have been coupons floating around on frequently used social media sites. These coupons may look like the real deal, but stores like Lowe’s and Bed Bath and Beyond are warning customers that these coupons are fraudulent and to be careful of potentially being fooled by these “fake Mother’s Day offers,” (News 10).

If by any chance users were to click on one of these coupons (which are floating all over Facebook), the link will send them to “look-alike” websites that resemble the real websites. It will then prompt users to take the surveys in order to redeem the coupon, and that is when according to experts “scammers will go in for the steal and take your information.” Readers, if you do happen to find a coupon on your social media site that looks legitimate, always double check for any signs of fraud. For instance, always read the fine print at the bottom of the coupon and never believe that a coupon offer is legitimate if it requires you to provide your banking or personal information.

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