Warning! Streaming Service Scam
It seems as if we are being bombarded by many different scams. This one involves a popular streaming service that is trying to steal your personal information.
Amazon Scam Alert
It's the holiday season and everywhere we look there's another scam to be aware of. This one has to do with Amazon. Here's what to look for so you don't fall for it.
Car Accident Insurance Scam?
By now most of you heard my story I shared on air about my elderly neighbor sideswiping my car leaving some significant damage.  Why is it when you get an estimate for repair from a body shop that the cost can be astronomically different if you do or do not have an insurance claim? Things that …
Harris Connect LLC Scamming Albany Area Alumni
I received a post card from my high school asking me to call a 1-800 number within 7 days to verify my alumni information. It looked legit. It had my name, the year I graduated - it even had the Saratoga High School logo on it. There was something that didn’t seem right, though. I started questionin…
Couple From Albany Area Pull A Scam At Target
A couple out of Montgomery County got arrested for pulling a scam at a local Target store on April 30th. Carley Goguen used more than $1200 in fake money to buy items from her cashier boyfriend before returning the merch for cash.