I've always admired the neighborhoods that go all out for the holidays. There is an awesome display at one home in Saratoga that will blow you away. It's open every night of the week and it's a free show for all. Here's a little peek at "Lights on Walden".

What makes "Lights on Walden" so Spectacular?

There is a house at 29 Walden Circle in Saratoga Springs in the Town of Stillwater that has a spectacular holiday show. The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that he and his wife love putting on the show every year. It's a labor of love that consists of 15,000 LED lights set to different songs that makes a beautiful and colorful display of lights.

How Long Do The Shows Take to Put Together?

Although some of the songs with the light display sequence are pre-made, The Lights on Walden does have unique song and light sequences that the owner spends hours putting together. He told me that in some cases it takes 40 hours of work for just one song. Others take 3 to 5 hours to program. The owner said that he usually starts working on the year's show in late spring.


How's Their Electric Bill?

This was one of the first questions I asked. The owner told me that you'd be surprised but even though they run them every night Monday through Sunday, his electric bill only goes up about $50-$70. He says that it's because of the low-energy LED lights.

What do the Neighbors Say?

The neighbors all seem to love it too. Every once in a while a driveway or two will get blocked but the neighbors understand. The owners of Lights on Walden have set up signage so that people coming to enjoy the show are aware of where they park.

The Show is Free to Watch and Enjoy

The owners say that it's a labor of love and they can't wait to make the music sequences each year. They never considered charging for Lights on Walden but in the past, some tried to give them donations. This year, the show is still free, but if you would like to leave a donation, they have two worthy organizations that the money will go to.

Which Charities Will Benefit?

Again, there is no fee or donation requirement to watch Lights on Walden, but if you feel compelled to donate a few bucks, two local charities will benefit. The Saratoga County Children's Committee helps kids buy school supplies, coats, boots, and holiday gifts as well. The other is No Kid Hungry which ensures kids in the Capital Region don't go hungry. You can donate right on the Lights on Walden's website by clicking HERE.

When Can We Catch This Spectacular Show?

The Lights on Walden runs Monday through Sunday starting at 4:30 pm. Tuesdays and Thursdays are throwback nights which means that they are sequences that have been in past shows. You can get a complete list of songs for the 2021 Lights on Walden Shows by clicking HERE. You tune into the pre-set radio station and listen in your car while you watch.

The owner told me that they have gotten such positive feedback from the community and one parent even said that The Lights on Walden were so calming for her autistic child, it is always the best part of their holiday and a calming moment in their day.


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