Since today is New Year’s Eve, I just want to remind you that you have a few more hours to make a charitable contribution this year.

The new year is almost here and as we say goodbye to 2020, it is still not too late to make a tax-deductible charitable contribution.  We still have a little more than six hours to go until the ball drops and the new year is here.

There are charitable organizations all over the Capital Region that could really use your generous donations.  If the contributions are made prior to midnight, they can still be claimed on your 2020 taxes.

There’s really no deadline on being generous to the less fortunate.  So if you do not meet the midnight deadline, organizations are still accepting food donations and cash after the new year.

The Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany worked with The Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York and they held a food drive this morning, and they are still accepting food for their food pantry through the month of January.

Catholic Charities have several food giveaways planned for the month of January. The food giveaway does not require pre-registration and anyone in the public who is in need of food, can either drive up or walk up to the pantry and receive food.

If you are in need of food, or you want to donate to the cause, go to the Catholic Charities’ website or give them a call at 518-453-6650.

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