It’s that time of year again, leaves are beginning to fall off the trees, and with bare trees comes cold weather.  To help children combat the cold, local news ABC10 and the National Cleaners Association are asking for donations to get warm coats for kids.

The annual Coats for Kids campaign is revving up in Troy, New York.  Organizers are trying to get new and gently used coats for children throughout the winter season.   Allen Patanian, owner of Said Rainbow Cleaners is excited to join the venture.  He says that he is excited to think about where the new coats will go to keep someone warm.

Rainbow Cleaners will be donating $500 to Coats for Kids, and MVP Healthcare will be matching the first 2,000 coats.

Organizers say that there will be no in-person collection at the Coats For Kids at the Colonie Center.  Last year organizers were able to collect more than 800 coats at that location. This year they are encouraging donors to move those donations online by purchasing new coats online.

We all know that times are hard for a lot of people right now. Unemployment is still high and legislatures in Washington still haven’t acted on a new pandemic relief package.   All of this means that people are really struggling right now, and the cold weather will not wait for financial stability.

I’m encouraging everyone to look through your closets to see if you have any gently used coats that you can donate for children in need.  Gently used coats can be dropped off at participating dry cleaners.

If you are able to make a financial contribution or buy a new coat online your help would be greatly appreciated.  Now is the time for giving and helping out in our community.

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