The COVID-19 pandemic has not just caused a health crisis, it has also wreaked havoc on our economy. Millions of Americans are struggling to put food on the table, and thankfully New York State is trying to resolve the issue.

As you may already know, many New Yorkers are struggling with food insecurity. The New York State government knows that hunger is prevalent in many communities, so they are lending a helping hand. Government officials announced that SNAP recipients will see an increase in their allotment.

According to News 10, the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, recipients will see an increase in their SNAP benefits of about 15% very soon. The emergency increase will be in effect from mid-January through June.

The increase will come in two different forms. The first increase is simply for the month of January. During the month of January, all SNAP recipients will receive the emergency maximum that they have been receiving since March. In addition to that allotment, they will receive a separate 15% extra allotment.

In next month’s benefit allowance the additional 15% will be included in the monthly allotment. This will continue through the month of June and the maximum allowance will be $782 for a family of four.

It’s very unfortunate that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing such hardships for so many Americans. Thankfully the New York State government sees the struggle of its citizens and is making an earnest attempt to resolve some of the issues. Hopefully, the COVID19 pandemic will be long behind us when the additional benefits expire in June.

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