Did you know there is proposed legislation to close are bars and pubs in downtown Albany at 11pm

Business owners on nearby Lark Street and Madison Avenue are protesting because the new rules could force them to close at 2 a.m. Even the neighborhood's Price Chopper could be affected by the requirements.

The changes are all part of a citywide rezoning plan that has been in the works for years and could be presented to the Common Council for approval as early as next month.

Here's the good news: Overall, the new zoning code promises to make Albany more friendly to businesses and construction by replacing the city's labyrinthine, baffling code with simple, easy-to-understand rules. It should streamline development.

Over time, the updated code will also make the city more walkable and livable by scrapping ridiculous codes that force suburban-style rules on dense city neighborhoods.

Would a change in the closing times of downtown bars change the non-existent Albany nightlife ? I don't see think so, many people who go out to enjoy Hip Hop music because all of the clubs,bars, any venue that catered to that crowd was fazed out of existence in 2015. Most of the people I see in downtown Albany are older and leave before midnight anyway.

The new rules, Spencer said, are about trying to find a balance that's particularly difficult in the Lark Street area. He said the city wants to be fair to existing businesses, but also wants to reassure weary neighbors that no new bars will be open until 4 a.m.

The city initially wanted to give existing business two years to comply with the new rules. But Spencer said officials are now considering a grandfather clause that would allow businesses to keep existing closing times until they change ownership.

This change might liven up downtown Albany and make way for more family friendly restaurants and activities. Nightlife all around the country is on a decline and Albany's nightlife has been struggling for years. Maybe it's time to put the club dress up and find something else to do late or drive to New York City at night because Albany's nightlife will be dead for awhile.