Capital District

African American Landmarks
I thought this might be a good time to give you some interesting and educational sites that you might want to visit in the area to improve your knowledge. They say that knowledge is power, so I’m giving you some power.
Shooting In Colonie
Police Investigating A Drive-By Shooting In Colonie. There were three bullet holes in the home which is occupied by several adults and children.
Best Bars in the Capital Region [LIST]
You've been there, all of your friends are trying to decide where to go but you can't decide on a bar. Next time you're debating, take a look at this list and pick from what New York Upstate says are the best bars in Upstate New York.
Heatwave Coming Soon
Its about to be HOT HOT HOT! Starting on Saturday, the Capital District faces the prospect of six straight days with temperatures in the 90s.
KKK In The Cap District
KKK flyers are popping up again in the Capital Region. This isn't the first time that these flyers have mysteriously appeared in the Capital Region.
Ride Hailing In The Capital District All You Need To Know
Ride-hailing services will soon be coming to upstate and suburban New York. If you have never used one of these services, these are everyday people using their personal vehicle as a taxi cab. It took several months for this service to be allowed out side of NYC and some people are not happy about …
Should Albany Bars Close At 11 pm ?
Did you know there is proposed legislation to close are bars and pubs in downtown Albany at 11pm
Business owners on nearby Lark Street and Madison Avenue are protesting because the new rules could force them to close at 2 a.m. Even the neighborhood's Price Chopper could be affected by the requir…
The Cap Districts
If you ever want to know what the name of that new song that you heard on Hot 991 you can always use the Shazam App to let you know the title and artist. It can even direct you on where you can download the song here are the Cap Districts Hot 5 songs shazamed this week...