What is going on here? According to WNYT, police are reporting a drive-by shooting in Colonie. Luckily no one was injured. There were three bullet holes in the home which is occupied by several adults and children.

Again, no one was injured but I’m sure with the current pandemic going on right now, this just adds to the stress we are all enduring. Police are saying the home was targeted the suspects are still on the loose.

The home is located on Old Loudon Road and Park Avenue. What would motivate someone to attempt a drive-by shooting at 6:25 in the afternoon? The only information police are releasing is the shots came from a light-colored small SUV. Any other time this area would be busy, but during this time everyone is at home.

Crazy time we are living in. Be safe, but if you have any information on what is going on here contact the Colonie Police Department at 518-783-2744.

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