If you're a nudist or always wanted to give it a try, I have good news for you! These are a few places where nudity isn't just allowed, it's encouraged and they're not far from where you live.

Every year, I do an update on where to be nude in the Capital Region because you ask for it. In 2017, I wrote about how I was impressed by how many people were interested in nudist areas at all. Then, in 2018, you wanted a update. Again, I was surprised by the interest but with the warmer months in front of us, I added another list. Now, it's 2019, we've had enough rain that we can handle, beautiful sunny days ahead and you still want to know where you can be naked!

New York Upstate updated the list with the places in New York State where the dress code is just your birthday suit. A lot of these places don't publicize that they're nudist and some are just nudist because people like to go there nude. Most are secluded and hidden to protect the privacy of who will be there. NYUp has a full list but I broke it down for you in case you're looking to be nude near the Capital Region.

  • Alice Falls (Adirondacks): According to their website, though, they say: Disclaimer: on August 21, I received a series of emails inquiring about nude swimming at Alice Falls.  It turns out that the website of a nudist club in that area promotes this as a nudist swimming hole.  Furthermore, they refer to this webpage for directions.  Please be advised that we have nothing to do that with that website or that club.  We look at this as an unauthorized reference to our site and to the best of our knowledge, nudism is not tolerated at this location.
  • Copperas Pond (Adirondacks)
  • Potters Falls (Ithaca)
  • Spier Falls (Queensbury)
  • Split Rock Hole (New Paltz)
  • Full Tan Sun Club (Sprakers)
  • Juniper Woods (Catskills)
  • Northern Exposure Sun Club (Capital Region): Apply to be a member to this club and you automatically become a member of the American Association for Nude Recreation

Double check with these places, just in case, before you show up in your skivvies. Policies could've changed and the website that made the list could be wrong. You don't want to show up somewhere with your pants down where it's not allowed!

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