Everyone is now aware of the devastation in Puerto Rico that happened earlier this week.  A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck the island on Tuesday and most of the Island is without power and roads are damaged.

A lot of families in the Capital District are upset as they cannot reach local family members.  I reached out to some of my friends to make sure their fam was all good down there.  Luckily one of the families is on the other side of where the earthquake hit so they are safe.  Even though that family is on the other side of it, they still felt the quake.  It creates a sense of panic, not knowing if there is a tsunami coming or not. 

Puerto Rico is still waiting on money from the government for the hurricane that hit them more than two years ago.  Why are they still waiting?  This is apart of America!  The anger continues to grow with our President treating Puerto Rico like a third world country and not providing them with the aid they desperately need.

If you can afford to donate to a cause, please find an organization that will help Puerto Ricans cope with their losses from this earthquake.

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