Rick Ross has lost his endorsement deal with Reebook over his date rape lyrics on Rocko's 'U.O.E.N.O.'

"Reebok holds our partners to a high standard, and we expect them to live up to the values of our brand. Unfortunately, Rick Ross has failed to do so," a rep for the popular sneaker brand told TMZ.

"While we do not believe that Rick Ross condones sexual assault, we are very disappointed he has yet to display an understanding of the seriousness of this issue or an appropriate level of remorse," the rep continued.

Ross apologized on two occasions. First on New Orleans radio station Q93.3, where he said that the lyrics were a "misunderstanding" and "misinterpretation." He then tweeted an apology before releasing a new video on April 4. “I dont condone rape.Apologies for the #lyric interpreted as rape. #BOSS [sic],” he wrote.

Ross' lines, "Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it," will also be removed from 'U.O.E.N.O.' -- Wiz Khalifa and Future are on the remix now.

Atlanta rapper Rocko spoke about the change on New York radio station Hot 97 Tuesday. “The record with Ross, that will always be the original record,” he said. “Because of the type of traction that the record has as far as radio and all over the country ... it puts me in a position where I have to change it.”

Last Thursday (April 4), the anti-sexism group UltraViolet delivered a petition with 71,000-plus signatures to Reebok's flagship New York store, where they protested the rapper's partnership with the sneaker company.

"Rewarding a man who brags about raping women sends a dangerous message. Rick Ross' lyrics about drugging and raping a woman are offensive and outrageous, and Reebok should drop him as a spokesperson immediately.petitions to have Rozay dropped as a spokesman for Reebok," UltraViolet wrote in its petition.

Looks like Rick Ross lost this one.

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