Halloween is only a couple of days away, hooray!! I have no clue what my costume will be this year, if any. As for my hound, welp, I'll be getting him his costume today at PetCo. Poor fella.

Every Wonder Woman needs her Superman
Every Wonder Woman needs her Superman

I used to pick on my mother about her obsession with her dog Norman (RIP Norm) and say, " Jesus mom , he's only a dam dog!" Well, all of that has changed since I became a first time dog owner about 2 years ago when I adopted my quirky, cute, and goofy black Pug "Blu." And now am that girl that posts pics of him all the time on FB!! Whoops, and am the girl that will throw a Halloween costume on him.

How could I not! The pic that was sent to me of him upon adoption was of him in a red, knitted, turtleneck sweater ok?? And my boyfriend at the time was like, "He is not wearing that when we get him!" Mmm hmm, ok, whatever. As you can see, the former boyfriend did not win custody of my boy, or I would not be writing about this.

So the question is, are you a fan of costumes on animals?? Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I believe once you become an animal owner, everything changes. Last year Blu was Superman, this year who knows as of yet. If you could see the laughter and smiles of the trick or treaters that came to my door last year, you would definitely say Yay to pet costumes. Nothing better in this world then making people laugh and smile.

So, if you happen to see a cat or dog roaming the neighborhood dressed up as Darth Vader, don't shake your head, embrace it and laugh! :) I mean come on, have you seen the commercial with the cute lil Pug dressed up as Darth?? Oh , you haven't? Ok, well, here I will leave you with that clip. Love it.

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