Happy Halloween yall!!! It looks and feels like a Halloween day out there today don't it?? Bundle up tonight you little trick or treaters and get that candy! And be on the lookout for zombies lurking in the neighborhood! And by the way, there is no way you can get through a Halloween without listening to and or watching Michael Jackson's infamous Thriller!! I won't let that happen kids. No no no!

michael jackson thriller theater ola ray
Epic Records/Vestron Music Video

Thriller made it's way to Mtv in 1983, the video and the song is a classic. I rocked this on vinyl on my record player, yes record player when it came out. I watched the music video over and over and over again. I had the Thriller cap sleeved t-shirt. I wanted the red, leather, Thriller jacket, but never got it. Thanks a lot Santa!

If this is the first time you have ever seen this video then I will feel like a proud mother! And if this is the 1000th time you have seen it, it still doesn't get old does it? I don't think so. SO Happy Halloween, be safe, be smart, and enjoy!!

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