With October comes changing leaves, colder weather, and Halloween.

Halloween gives people a chance to be anything they want and nothing can be said about it. We understand that is a lot of pressure so here are some, albeit out there, ideas to spice up your halloween. Have you been anything strange for halloween before? Let us know in the comments!

  • 1

    Giant Baby

    Looking for something that is more terrifying than funny? You're in luck! Spirit Halloween has this "Big Baby Mens Costume." Nothing says "Happy Halloween" like a giant crying baby head!

    Spirit Halloween
  • 2

    Panther Mascot

    Not into giant baby costumes? How about showing up to your friend's house as a giant panther? Just make sure that your friend is not deathly afraid of mascots... or game cats.

    Spirit Halloween
  • 3

    Creepy Clown

    Not feeling that one either? Fall back on the classics. Try this SUPER creepy "cryptic clown blue wig." What is the point of halloween if not to give yourself nightmares?

    Spirit Halloween
  • 4


    Alright, we know what you're thinking. You need something more.... robust. How about the "Massive Mobster?" If you do get this costume it may help you collect your debts from friends.

    Spirit Halloween
  • 5

    Ollie Ostrich

    True. That would get a little sweaty from wearing it all night. That is why we saved the best for last! Check out the "Ollie Ostrich" costume. This will be a hit at any party, for sure, we just wish the ostrich looked a little happier.

    Spirit Halloween