Another update on people not able to pay rent during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although lawmakers are not able to make a deal on Capitol Hill, Governor Andrew Cuomo has put a stay on evictions in New York until he declares the end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Renters in other states have real reasons to be concerned about the end of the federal mandate which forbids landlords from evicting their tenants. There was some confusion that New Yorkers would face the same fate at the beginning of this month, but a new law passed in June stopped renters from being evicted.

The law says that no one can be forced from their homes until the governor lifts all restrictions on businesses and nonessential gatherings.

New York’s state’s Tenants Safe Harbor Law was signed into law on June 30 and it prohibits evicting anyone who suffered any financial hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The governor‘s Chief of Staff, Melissa DeRosa said, “As we stand here today, regardless of any executive order, nobody can be evicted for any financial hardship suffered during the COVID-19 crisis”.

Governor Cuomo is the only person who can lift the restrictions. Ms. DeRosa also cautioned that landlords will be able to go to court and perform evictions when the courts open, and the governor declares the end of the COVID19 pandemic crisis.

Hopefully this extension will save a lot of New Yorkers from evictions and subsequent homelessness. I’m sure that this extension is an extremely welcome reprieve for a slew of people, but if you are able to pay your rent you should pay your rent. Landlords will be entitled to all rents owed to them during the pandemic, so I would hate to see people put themselves in a situation where they are unable to make their rent payments when that time comes. If you can pay your rent, then pay your rent!

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